Transporter Explorer Library was made in order to help scientists working in the transporter field to easily find suitable ligands for their experiments and other subjects. The library currently contains structural and pharmacological properties of 111 different GABA and Glu uptake inhibitors together with their references and experimental conditions. In many cases, multiple references by various authors are recorded.

You can browse all the compounds or search for particular inhibitors fulfilling special properties. Search can be made by determining criteria for any of the stored data:
IUPAC name, synonyms, molecular weight, logP, number of H-acceptors, number of H-donors, number of rotatable bonds,
pharmacological target, brain region on which the experiment was performed, transportability, applied ligand concentration, experimental method and IC50 or Ki value.

You can also visualize correlation between properties to explore possible relationships.

In order to explore molecular structures you need to have Java installed on your computer (it probably is). If it is not installed, you can download it from www.java.com/getjava/.

Additional visualization plugins are planned to be implemented.

This work was supported by grant GVOP-3.1.1.-2004-05-0068/3.0 AKF-050068 Transporter Explorer.